Catrice eyeshadow palette

Join for your pass to all things beauty! I was looking for eye pencil of very light shade but not white catrice eyeshadow palette finally I found one in Catrice. All the dusky beauties looking for light shade eye pencil can definitely opt for this.

It comes in regular eye pencil which needs to be sharpened to get the desired application. The entire pencil along with its cap has the same colour of shade inside it which makes it easy to identify the colour if it is lying in stash along with other eye pencils. It has creamy texture but it within a few seconds it gets set and it is difficult to work on. Though it is creamy but it has very thick consistency which requires little more effort during application. It has shimmery finish to it. Due to very light shade it required 2 to 3 swipes. 7 Ways To Make Black Lips Pink!