Glossy stick essence

Join for your pass to all things beauty! Glossy stick essence month I brought few products from Essence and this was my first time trying these products.

Out of the products I brought I have already reviewed 2 mono shadows in the shades Get ready! Today I will be reviewing another product that I bought from Essence and it is one of their XXXL shine lip gloss in the shade Big Night Out. Packaging: These lip glosses comes in a large cylindrical transparent bottle with a silver colored cap. The packaging is very simple but sturdy. The applicator that comes in this gloss is a rectangular sponge applicator which is flat from both the sides.

The shape of the applicator actually helps in better application. I personally loved the shape of the applicator as it helps to avoid getting too much product in a single dip. The XXXL shine lipgloss pampers your lips without leaving behind a sticky feeling. Contains vitamin e and panthenol to prevent your lips from feeling dry. Big Night Out’ is a nude colored gloss with pink undertones to it. Pigmentation: The color is decently pigmented.

It is not one of those glosses that give a good amount of color to the lips, but it does not even belong to the range that does not do anything except making the lips shine. This gloss imparts a very minimum amount of color to the lips making them look beautiful and yet simple. This is a perfect shade to compliment a bold eye look. The consistency of the gloss is very runny. It feels very light and hydrating on the lips. Due to its flowy consistency and big applicator size, it becomes really easy to apply the color.

No lip balm is required beneath this gloss, as it makes the lips feel moisturized and soft. Staying power: Unlike many other lip glosses I have, this one has a good staying power. The gloss stays easily on the lips for around 3 hours and it can actually stand little meals. The gloss is completely non-sticky and it maintains its texture even after meals.