Hair removal cream

Men attempting to remove hair from their genitals have found that the process is not as straightforward as they may have thought. For many women, learning to cope with the pain of hair removal is hair removal cream they take in their stride. But for men, the basics of preening don’t always come so easily — judging by some of the unfortunate experiences documented in reviews of a new hair removal cream. Men in search of the perfect smooth body have been painfully caught out applying Veet for Men hair removal gel a little too liberally, it seems.

Despite the instructions clearly stating the cream is for back, chest, arms , legs and underarms only, many men are risking their health by using the cream to remove hair from their genitals — and are forced to suffer the consequences. One reviewer, Andrew, writes of the bestselling cream on the Amazon website that the testicles he ‘knew and loved’ are gone now. He goes on to say that his testicles are now ‘maroon coloured’ and causing him excruciating agony, sending ‘stabs of pain’ up his body every time they graze against his thigh or an article of clothing. Another hapless man who may from now be opt for a professional wax wrote: ‘If you are a run of the mill bloke trying to remove some unwanted hair from some unwanted places, this product will make you cry. You may find out the hard way and wake up one morning with an extremely high voice and notice you have no more testicles and being officially classed as a eunuch. He added: ‘Like 90 percent of the reviews on the page.

I would say we have all suffered from making the terrible mistake of vandalising one’s self in ways we shouldn’t. Although as a man I lack the required experience, I’m going to estimate that using this product is at least eleven times more painful than childbirth. This product is slightly more painful than that. Don’t you know who I am?

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