It s skin green tea calming cleansing oil

A PEO is present in tiny droplets or sacs in the plant. These oils are not greasy at all, but are highly volatile, meaning that it s skin green tea calming cleansing oil easily evaporate. Antiseptic, sedative, calming and an aid to stress relief.

A muscle relaxant, emollient and soothing agent. Widely used as a room or mood fragrance which helps aid meditation. Avocado — Extracted from the seed of an avocado. Is naturally green in color with no aroma. A naturally sun-filtering oil rich in vitamin A and B that also contains protein, fatty acids and lecithin.

Works well on all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin. Bergamot — Emotionally encouraging, uplifting and balancing to the spirit. In skincare, it works well on acne, oily skin, scarring. Has strong antiseptic and anti-viral qualities. Black Pepper — Warming and strengthening to muscles. It is good for cold or wasting muscles, old injuries, stiffness and sciatica.

Cedarwood — Good for soothing coughs and congestion. Relieves itching and makes a great scalp conditioner. Emotionally, it can calm anxiety and help diffuse fear and is spiritually enhancing. Very soothing and calming to the mind and emotions.

Anti-inflammatory for the skin and a classic remedy for children and stress. Eucalyptus — A classic remedy for respiratory complaints. Has strong anti-viral and diuretic properties. It plays a dual role in hot or cold compresses for arthritis, muscular aches and pains.