Makeup revolution luxury banana powder

La poudre pour le visage makeup revolution luxury banana powder dans toutes les trousses de maquillage. Car ce basique est l’un des produits de beauté clé pour se faire un joli teint. Mais ce qui rend la poudre encore plus incontournable, c’est qu’elle se décline sous plusieurs formes pour différents usages.

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Today, I am reviewing W7 Banana Dreams Loose Face Powder, which has become my go to setting powder. It is like my HG powder, which makes my skin look so matte and natural. Banana Dreams is a finely milled, translucent powder with a pale yellow tone. Containing silica, Banana Dreams is the ideal product for setting make-up, camouflaging undertones and contouring without giving off a cakey look. The powder can be used under the eyes for highlighting purposes as well as the T- Zone. Perfect for all skin types and tones, it’s become a must-have in many make-up bags!

My Experience with W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder: Like most other loose powders, this one comes in a basic tub packaging with a matte black lid. The product name is stylishly embossed on the cap and the back of the tub houses some other product details. It is a pretty basic and fuss-free packaging. It has a second lid which has holes to let out the powder stored inside, kind of a sieve really.

Banana powder came into vogue as a baking product, it literally changed the makeup baking product. It is called Banana Dreams powder as it has a yellow tint to it. Unlike other loose powders, this one matches perfectly with my tanned skin. Setting powders even which are translucent often tend to look slightly ashy on my skin. This finely milled loose powder on the other hand serves a lot of purposes.