Mask anti aging

This article is mask anti aging the comic book series. This article needs additional citations for verification. Art by Doug Mahnke and Keith Williams. The Mask is a comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics.

In all versions, the story initially revolves around a magical mask which bestows its wearer with reality-bending powers and an altered appearance, characterized by a large set of teeth and a green head. The mask affects the personality of the wearer by removing all personal social and moral inhibitions, causing the wearer to become insane. The title of the comic book originally referred to the mask itself and not the character it unleashed. The base concept of The Mask was created by Mike Richardson in 1982.

Artist Chris Warner was hired to revamp the character based on Richardson’s original APA-5 drawing and created the definitive look for the character, that was given a new launch in 1989 in the pages of Dark Horse’s Mayhem anthology. Mayhem was canceled after four issues, but in 1991 Arcudi and Mahnke continued with The Mask four issue limited series, which introduced one of the Mask’s antagonists, a mute brutish hulk named Walter. In an antiques shop, a weak, neurotic man named Stanley Ipkiss shops for a gift to give to his girlfriend, Kathy. At the store he purchases an old jade mask which begins to speak to him. When Stanley wears it, he is transformed into a wacky, super powered being with an abnormally large, bald, green-skinned head and a mouthful of large teeth. After taking the mask off, Stan begins to realize what has been happening.

His acts as Big Head begin to take an emotional toll on him. He becomes verbally abusive toward Kathy. She kicks him out but keeps the mask since it was a gift from Stanley. Later, Stan breaks into Kathy’s apartment to steal it back just as the police arrive in response to an earlier housebreaking call. Deciding his only way out is as Big Head, Stan puts the mask back on and kills eleven cops during his escape.

He returns home as Big Head and removes the mask, only to be shot in the back and killed by Kathy, who figured out the identity of Big Head. Kathy takes the mask to Lieutenant Kellaway for safe-keeping. Kellaway, who had been struggling with both the recent Big Head murders, and organized crime lords on the loose in his city, disregards Kathy’s warnings, believing she is stressed and not thinking clearly, and tries on the mask. Becoming Big Head, Kellaway sets out to take down the crime lords who have plagued his police career.