Secret key prestige

We have seen much of the symbolism and historical background of the various secret societies. We have seen where their secret key prestige concepts originated and what they mean. We have seen what their symbols refer to and we have reinterpreted much that is known. There are many modern-day conspiracy theories about aliens, the Kennedy family, Princess Diana, and even Elvis.

However, as you may have gathered, much of the so-called proof for this is the mythology and history of the serpent-worshipping cults of the globe, and now that we know the real reason for this, we have a more down-to-earth approach. I have not yet touched upon the Far East and China. Unfortunately, finding the origins of most Chinese secret societies is nearly impossible, as they are so couched in myth and mystery. One thing is sure: Secret societies have changed the course of China — the Boxer Rebellion of 1900 was led by a secret society.

These Boxers, or Fist for Protection Society, were initiated in much the same way as any protection society across the world. Placed in darkness, they were made to fast and meditate, opening up their minds to cleansing. This Boxer Society came from an older group known as the Big Swords, and this was another name used by the Triads. Heaven and Earth as our father and mother. By the 14th century, the White Lotus Society was formed, and eventually China was scattered with secret societies. However, most of these organizations can be linked together and form the Triad we know of today. This group of societies was believed to have been formed for a popularized royalist myth — to bring back the Ming dynasty.