Secret key snail

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Were you looking for Elite Penguin Force Missions? PSA Secret Missions were point and click-like games that Secret Agents could do to earn medals, gifts, as well as experience in helping other penguins. On June 11, 2015, they were brought back under the premise of training, where they were known as EPF Training Missions. EPF Medals could be earned upon completion of these training missions.

Aunt Arctic has lost her two puffles, one green and one purple, and the player must go out and search for them. A medal is available upon completion of the mission, and the player is able to obtain a letter from Aunt Arctic providing the player finds the pictures of her puffles. The Gift Shop has lost its coins from the vault. The player must find out what happened to them. This mission starts out in the HQ.

The player then collects various items around Club Penguin to save 4 penguins trapped on a cliff. In this mission, G attempts to ‘question the crab’. The Crab Translator 3000 breaks, and the crab escapes. The player follows him to the wilderness also seen in Mission 2.

In the mission, you must repair the broken clock in the Snow Forts by finding parts of the clock scattered across Club Penguin. The target is found at the dock being used by two Penguins from Team Blue. There are multiple earthquakes on the island. The Map is found at the town and the other one is going to Snow Forts but it flies away to Plaza. The Helium Tank is found at the Gadget Room but you need permission. This time he wants us to be the Head Agent for the mission.

You would have to help Rookie with the Giant Magnet located in the Gift Shop, and Jet Pack Guy located at The Beach. Gift: The gift will be given if you pick up the table, clothes and the balls located in the Gift Shop. Then put the table down, in the town, and the stuff. In the beginning, G informs you of several missing items from the Gift Shop, and you find two piles of corn seeds after investigating. G calls you, but the signal is lost and the Spy Phone’s teleporter stops working.

Extra Credit: In the lighthouse, pick up the can next to the ship wheel, and go to the Gadget Room. Put the can in the Test Chamber, and click water, then ice. Take the ice to the Beacon, and give it to Rory. Gift: Medal and Letter from Dot. If you click the red button, you get Free Spy Goggles.

Note: In the HQ when you pick HQ 2010, it will show you the Popcorn Explosion. In a couple of the secret missions, one could access Gary’s Room. Here were some notable things you may see. In this room, you could find a snail strapped to a rocket. This is a reference to Rocketsnail Games and its creator, Rsnail. Also, in this room there was a pig with a small LCD monitor inserted in its side.

This is a reference to Screenhog. Along with that, there was a cup of tea with a label that says «Good» on it. This is a reference to Goodtea. There was a bat-like creature hanging from a lamp.

This is in reference to the flying fox, one of the largest species of bats on the earth. There was a toy space ship that looks exactly identical to the one used in Astro Barrier. Gary’s pin collection could be seen on display on the wall. In older Secret Missions, the map was not updated.

In the Gadget Room, one could discover the prototypes to three of Club Penguin items. In the Gift Shop on the Secret Missions, if you looked next to the change room on very left, there was an orange Game Upgrade sled. Note that there were no orange Game Upgrade sleds for sale, strangely. During Operation: Blackout, the Tube Transport was destroyed so penguins could no longer access the VR Room. This meant that the PSA missions could not be played online for a while. They were moved to the «Fun Stuff» section on December 6, 2012.