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A photograph of two tiger so leaf snail mucus intensive cream caught my eye a few weeks ago in the Times newspaper. The accompanying story was an account of how the cubs’ father had been present during their birth at Glasgow Zoo.

In a perfect world, there’d be no need for them. But I have never been entirely happy with that point of view. In my youth I read a number of stories, by H. We all, of course, pay lip-service to the view that reintroduction to the wild is our ultimate ambition for all captive-bred animals. The danger in this, of course, is that zoo animals might become too `civilized’ to be capable of returning successfully to the wild. But the whole history of domestication seems to me to allay that fear. After several millennia of human management, chickens still act very much like jungle fowl, domestic ducks like wild mallards, domestic geese like wild greylags.

Atlantic forest area of southern Bahia, Espirito Santo and adjacent parts of Minas Gerais in south-eastern Brazil. Through habitat destruction and capture for the pet trade, it is now restricted to small forest fragments and has been pushed into the `endangered’ status. These were Banham Zoo, Belfast Zoo, Colchester Zoo, Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust and Shaldon Wildlife Trust, U. Social groups in the wild vary in size from three or four up to 20 individuals. While marmosets typically form groups which contain a number of adults of each sex, breeding is usually restricted to the dominant pair. Infant care and carrying is predominantly by the male, but all group members will participate.