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You might not have noticed but Colourpop seems to no longer be sold at Sephora. It looks like the brand was quietly pulled from Sephora’s website and not a whisper or a word about why is was leaving or if it would return at some point. As you know Colourpop launched at sephora. Fast forward a few months and now Colourpop has completely disappeared from sephora. I haven’t checked stores but I assume it might just be gone from the locations that carried it as well. Lucky enough, Ulta still carries Colourpop.

However, I am curious why the relationship was such a limited engagement. I thought for sure that given time Sephora would begin to expand and carry more of the line. Colourpop still remains as popular as ever and readily available on their website. Are you sad to see it disappear from Sephora shelves? Or do you feel like it never really took off anyway so no big deal? Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. Read my full disclosure statement here.

I feel like they didnt do so well in Sephora, maybe it wasn’t a good match. The numbers must not have been high enough for the brand to remain in Sephora. Like so many customers, they started going to Ulta instead? I always thought Ulta was a better fit, given that they devote about a third of their brick and mortar stores to drugstore brands.